The Great Postage Puzzle

2nd Oct 2019

Growing up, my brother and sister and I would play a game that only rural, bored-out-of-their brains kids could dream up. It was called Puzzle Factory, and the basic premise was that we completed puzzles for clients. Magically, we had multiple client...
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Raising Readers

25th Sep 2019

I try not to preach. I mean, who among us is really all that qualified to do so? And also, no one wants to listen to someone else claim passionately that they have discovered the key that unlocks the universe. Promises like that always end up being m...
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For the Love of Letterpress

18th Sep 2019

Here's a celebratory day I can get behind: National Letterpress Appreciation Day. So chosen because 0.918" is the height of a piece of metal type. If you hear someone say, "type high," they're probably not referring to the high induced by letterpress...
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Vintage Stamps, Vintage Life

11th Sep 2019

Over the past few years, I've been making a list of my heroes -- those people in the world, strangers to me all, who are doing such extraordinary things with their lives and careers that they make my heart at once appreciative and envious. Perhaps I'...
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Postscript x Minted

4th Sep 2019

Here's something I'm giddy about: we are partnering with Minted this year to provide you with a way to combine: 1) the benefits of a brick and mortar staffed with human beings you can talk to, with 2) the streamlined design and printing capabilities...
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22nd Aug 2019

Can I make a confession? Although I own a paper goods shop that celebrates gorgeous mail and although the pinnacle occasion for gorgeous mail is the wedding, I have always been ambivalent about pursuing wedding jobs. On one hand, yes! The wedding inv...
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Fantasy v. Reality and Closing the Gap

9th Aug 2019

When I recently began starting my days at the shop by writing a letter, something of a seismic shift occurred. I am generally full of intentions -- beautiful ones! -- that never see the light of day. In my head, I celebrate occasions and write effusi...
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Philatelic Fever

31st Jul 2019

You know about my obsession with stamps. But here's the truth of the matter: my obsession doesn't hold a candle to the hard-core, highly specialized obsession with stamps that some people in the world possess. As it happens, the American Philate...
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When You Really Mean It

25th Jul 2019

There's something I've only discovered through the experience of being a calligrapher, printer, and bookbinder that I didn't anticipate when I started out: the jobs that come my way are extraordinarily meaningful. People don't hire a calligrapher to...
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Pin This

10th Jul 2019

A couple of months ago, I ran a new class at the shop -- Making Your Own Mood Board -- that was inspired by the boards I spied in the gorgeous home of Heather Hall. If you haven't heard me gush yet about Heather, either you haven't been paying a...
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My Last Not-Yet-40 Birthday

4th Jul 2019

I turn 39 today. Eek! I am not generally a person who dreads my birthday. As a youngest child who has also always looked young, I actually really appreciate aging. It makes me happy to gain experience and wisdom and even the grey hair to show for it...
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