When You Really Mean It

25th Jul 2019

There's something I've only discovered through the experience of being a calligrapher, printer, and bookbinder that I didn't anticipate when I started out: the jobs that come my way are extraordinarily meaningful. People don't hire a calligrapher to...
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Pin This

10th Jul 2019

A couple of months ago, I ran a new class at the shop -- Making Your Own Mood Board -- that was inspired by the boards I spied in the gorgeous home of Heather Hall. If you haven't heard me gush yet about Heather, either you haven't been paying a...
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My Last Not-Yet-40 Birthday

4th Jul 2019

I turn 39 today. Eek! I am not generally a person who dreads my birthday. As a youngest child who has also always looked young, I actually really appreciate aging. It makes me happy to gain experience and wisdom and even the grey hair to show for it...
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Top 5 British Miniseries

27th Jun 2019

Do you remember when Netflix used to create categories for you based on your viewing history? The day I turned it on to discover a new category in my feed called “Romantic British Dramas Based on Classic Literature," I felt deeply and gratifyingly...
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Invitation Love

19th Jun 2019

You might have seen me mention that Rebecca -- my one-time customer turned employee turned friend -- got married last weekend to her partner, Dustin. It was a gorgeous affair at Junto Winery & Vineyard in Seward, Nebraska, and her photographer, ...
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Beached and Reading

13th Jun 2019

I get that the typical choice is a light and indulgent novel. Chick lit or a good mystery. Nothing heavy, nothing too intense. Just a tandem guilty pleasure that pairs well with lying around in the sun for hours in the middle of the day.I just can’t...
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Reason to Write

7th Jun 2019

I've been kicking around different ideas to write about this week while on the road and staring out at the crashing waves and in bed before I fall asleep, but my brain can't focus on any of them for too long because what I can't stop thinking about i...
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Little Professor

30th May 2019

When I was little and my mom would take us kids on errands around Omaha, we would, without fail, end up at Baker’s Square at 132nd and Center. If ever there were a golden age for Baker’s stores in Omaha, this was it, and this was our regular l...
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Ritualizing the Letter

23rd May 2019

I have the kindest customer, Jacob, who set a goal a couple of years ago to write 100 letters. Roughly two a week, dropped in the mail to unsuspecting friends and family and acquaintances. It's an admirable goal, and one that has settled into a qu...
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Your Moment of Zen

16th May 2019

Wax seals have long been a love of mine, so I recently ordered a custom seal to add to special outgoing mail from the shop. Also, because I like the fanciest mail-related gadgets I can find, I procured a beautiful melting spoon and stand that sits ri...
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Showing Up

9th May 2019

I recently decided to get back to blogging, and I decided as part of that project, I needed to be consistent about it. Sounds straightforward enough. But when it's suddenly May and chaos has exploded into your life and your week is full of appoint...
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