On Weird Al, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Naming Your Heroes

23rd Jan 2020

Weird Al has long been on a list I keep of my heroes. I mean, his music is reason enough, right? To this day, I can still recite (with utter GLEE) every word of Amish Paradise as well as his far-lesser-known original song called The Night Santa Went...
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The Year in Reading

1st Jan 2020

As I have mentioned, I fell back in love with reading this year after an upsettingly long dry spell. Although it feels shameful to admit, I don't think it's uncommon -- especially when the season of raising children hits -- but these fallow stretches...
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Poetry by Post

27th Nov 2019

At long last!! I am over-the-moon giddy to announce to the world: Poetry by Post. It's already live over on its own product page, and I've put the word out over social media. But I want to take the space here to explain more fully what this is and wh...
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Four Years!

6th Nov 2019

People are always curious to know how long the shop has been open, and for weeks I've been repeating, "It'll be four years at the end of this month!" "This" month being October. And then suddenly it was November, and I caught myself saying the same t...
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When the Panic Sets In

2nd Nov 2019

I have mentioned a time or two that I'm working on a sizable project that will launch very soon. Truth is, I am starting to get extremely scared -- scared being a gross understatement. Petrified? Panic stricken? There are multiple moving parts and al...
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Lessons from Steve

23rd Oct 2019

The hardest thing about getting lost in a book is having to find your way back out of it when you finish the last page and close the cover. One of my hardest reentry periods was the time I finished Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth during a summer c...
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How I Fell Back in Love with Reading

16th Oct 2019

My twins, Eliza and Hazel, are in the golden age of reading right now. They haul books home from the library by the dozen and devour titles quickly and swap back and forth and eagerly tell me about them and have lengthy analytical conversations with...
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Backing It Up

10th Oct 2019

The day I discovered that fabric could be backed with Japanese paper and used as bookcloth was a banner day in my life. Manufactured bookcloth is wonderful -- don't get me wrong. It comes in a vast array of colors. It can be super shimmery or delicio...
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The Great Postage Puzzle

2nd Oct 2019

Growing up, my brother and sister and I would play a game that only rural, bored-out-of-their brains kids could dream up. It was called Puzzle Factory, and the basic premise was that we completed puzzles for clients. Magically, we had multiple client...
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