Patterned Spring

21st Mar 2023

We've been super busy reorganizing and purging and dusting off the shelves at the shop that I decided it was high time, too, to dust off this here blog! Last year, I was so preoccupied with getting Poetry by Post up and running in a different format...
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On Chasing Quiet

29th Jul 2022

When I was about to become a mother for the first time--to twins--I had one major worry. It wasn't the sleeplessness I was about to be subjected to. It wasn't the work of diapers and nursing and food prep. I was worried about noise. I am a pretty qui...
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10th Jun 2022

One of the things we've been most excited to work on, since moving, is establishing a garden. My husband is gung-ho about growing our food, and there is, in my opinion, no earthly experience quite like eating a tomato fresh from the vine with a tiny...
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Fun with Flat Lays

20th May 2022

Last spring, we had a photography session at the shop with Heather Hall. She has shot the shop a few times over the years and has become a dear friend in the process, and I am telling you: her work is majorly stunning. I should really figure out...
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Poetry by Post, 4.0

23rd Apr 2022

Before I opened my shop, I wanted to be an English professor. Not just wanted, but did all the things. Took the classes. Wrote a dissertation. Defended it. Applied for a small handful of jobs. So suffice it to say that reading and writing were an int...
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Vintage Stamps, Reimagined

15th Apr 2022

Something rather upsetting has happened to me over the past year. I've had the opportunity to go to two stamp shows, which is honestly one of my most favorite ways to spend a Sunday, and I had to refrain because I had--SOB!--too many stamps. It's a p...
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Immaterial Goals in a Material World

7th Apr 2022

Last week, I wrote some entirely transparent sentiments about running a retail shop in a society that is debt-ridden and full of disposable goods. It's a tough thing to admit because I don't for one second want to suggest I'm ungrateful for our amazi...
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A Material World

31st Mar 2022

This Instagram thing has continued to rankle me because, at the risk of sounding melodramatic, it was once my favorite app, and the fact that it is doubling down on its attempt to become a rival to TikTok is just sad to me. Instagram did a particular...
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The Dreaded Algorithm and Feeling Seen

19th Mar 2022

Friends, I am not one to (generally) care (that much) about social media stats. Less than 5,000 followers? Who gives? Our audience is engaged, and I am grateful for each and every one of you. Oh, reels are the thing now? Meh. I'm just starting to emb...
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The Year in Reading: 2020

18th Feb 2021

I know people who are fun. Those effervescent, happy, buoyant souls with whom the party dances right through the door. Who are always up for going out, staying late, and doing crazy things like making lots of plans.   Friends, I am not one...
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Poetry by Post: Volume 1, Issue 5

10th Jun 2020

What's been especially interesting to me about doing these Poetry by Post mailings back to back to back is how variable the experience is. One month, the essay is particularly hard to write. Another month, I am beyond frustrated with image creation....
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Poetry by Post: Volume 1, Issue 4

7th May 2020

In a world in which so much content is posted to social media the second it's created, I've kind of begun to relish the feeling of holding images of these mailings back, instead waiting for subscribers' first glimpses to be the ones they get when the...
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