The Year in Reading: 2020

17th Feb 2021

I know people who are fun. Those effervescent, happy, buoyant souls with whom the party dances right through the door. Who are always up for going out, staying late, and doing crazy things like making lots of plans.   Friends, I am not one...
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Poetry by Post: Volume 1, Issue 5

10th Jun 2020

What's been especially interesting to me about doing these Poetry by Post mailings back to back to back is how variable the experience is. One month, the essay is particularly hard to write. Another month, I am beyond frustrated with image creation....
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Poetry by Post: Volume 1, Issue 4

7th May 2020

In a world in which so much content is posted to social media the second it's created, I've kind of begun to relish the feeling of holding images of these mailings back, instead waiting for subscribers' first glimpses to be the ones they get when the...
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In Praise of Imperfect Mothers

30th Apr 2020

With kids at home non-stop these days, it's proving impossible to not be reflecting upon my parenting. Mostly, about how I'm doing it wrong. Please tell me I'm not alone in this? I don't set out every morning looking to judge myself (and I love my ki...
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Signal Strength

9th Apr 2020

The past twenty years of my life have amounted to an ongoing quest to figure out how I want to spend my days. For the entire span of my twenties, I didn't know what I was moving toward, but I took next steps in logical directions and listened to the...
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Poetry by Post: Volume 1, Issue 3

2nd Apr 2020

The March issue of Poetry by Post reached mailboxes at the tail end of the month (!), and although the timeline was not ideal, I am grateful that poetry is always worth waiting for. Or at least my subscribers are nice enough not to mention otherwise....
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The World Inside of Your Living Room

18th Mar 2020

There was one time in my past when life was lived at such opposite extremes I could hardly make sense of the experience. It happened in the months after we brought our identical twin girls home. We were new parents. We lived away from both of our fam...
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Poetry by Post: Volume 1, Issue 1

30th Jan 2020

Beginning in November of last year, I started to feel a constant, low-level panic about launching Poetry by Post. Prior to November, the project was nascent enough -- and private enough -- that had I wanted to pull the plug on it, I could have. But c...
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On Weird Al, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Naming Your Heroes

23rd Jan 2020

Weird Al has long been on a list I keep of my heroes. I mean, his music is reason enough, right? To this day, I can still recite (with utter GLEE) every word of Amish Paradise as well as his far-lesser-known original song called The Night Santa Went...
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The Year in Reading

1st Jan 2020

As I have mentioned, I fell back in love with reading this year after an upsettingly long dry spell. Although it feels shameful to admit, I don't think it's uncommon -- especially when the season of raising children hits -- but these fallow stretches...
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Poetry by Post

27th Nov 2019

At long last!! I am over-the-moon giddy to announce to the world: Poetry by Post. It's already live over on its own product page, and I've put the word out over social media. But I want to take the space here to explain more fully what this is and wh...
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Four Years!

6th Nov 2019

People are always curious to know how long the shop has been open, and for weeks I've been repeating, "It'll be four years at the end of this month!" "This" month being October. And then suddenly it was November, and I caught myself saying the same t...
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