Dear Reader,

I’m so glad you're here. I'm Laura Capp, and mine is the hand writing this little place, Postscript, into being.


Nestled along the brick main street in the small town of Ashland, Nebraska, Postscript is a boutique for paper, book, and lettering arts that brings a modern sensibility to antiquated processes. Focusing on high-quality craftsmanship and the handmade, Postscript carries everything you need for the art of writing, from letterpress-printed cards and stationery sets to fountain pens and calligraphy supplies to luxurious finishing touches like vintage stamps, seals, and sealing wax. We also carry children's books that will make your heart soar, hardcover classics that are as arresting to behold as they are to read, and tools to construct your own handbound books. Postscript also offers a studio space in the back where we host workshops in calligraphy, bookbinding, paper crafts, watercolor, sign painting, and related pursuits taught by highly qualified instructors.

I myself am a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none in these intersecting worlds of literature and book arts. I read. I write. I do calligraphy. I print. I bind books. I love all of it, and I wanted to create a space where it could co-exist, all right next to an espresso machine, where you'll find me making a latte in the morning and a cappuccino in the afternoon. 


We have an extraordinary team at the ready to help you. Liz is our technical whiz kid, who keeps our online shop up-to-date and looking adorable. She's got an encyclopedic knowledge of our inventory, sets up stunning flat lays, and is astonishingly productive. I would say it's the iced almond lattes, but given that she has two other jobs as a watercolor artist and photo editor while also being a mom to two, I think it's just how she operates.


Abbi is a lettering artist and illustrator who whips up the most delightful sidewalk signage, creates imaginative and glorious window installations, and possesses maximum enthusiasm for all things. Case in point: her favorite coffee is "all the coffees!" She's the life of the party, and she comes bearing the happiest balloon bouquets and in outfits that are art unto themselves.

I am deeply grateful to have them, and we are equally thankful to have you! We know that we have the absolute kindest and best customers imaginable (seriously, you are the people who choose to send handwritten notes in a digital world), and we can't wait to see you again. 

Yours very truly,

P.S.  P.S. is, of course, the abbreviation for postscript, that tacked-on something-or-other that periodically found its way into the bottoms of letters when people still regularly wrote them and couldn’t simply move a cursor to add information where it might more naturally go. As a writer who has trouble signing off, the postscript is a familiar space for me, a space to linger and make that communication last just a moment longer. I appreciate, too, its current resonance of living in a post-script world. Culturally, we are losing a connection between hand and mind, and I want to do my part to preserve the distinctly human benefits and idiosyncrasies of writing by hand.