Volume 2022, Issue 5

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Created by a doctor of literature obsessed with mail, Poetry by Post offers a material and meaningful encounter with poetry through the romance of the letter. It is the doctor's belief that poetry is a lifeline, as necessary to human wholeness as heartbeat is to the living body; Poetry by Post is her attempt to proselytize that belief by sending an achingly beautiful poem across time and space to you, dear reader, every month.

Each issue consists of a poem printed on a 5x7" card and is accompanied by a missive (part personal, part analytical) by one Professor Posy Smith (part real, part fictional). Both items are tucked into a custom A7 envelope and delivered to your doorstep, courtesy of the United States Postal Service.

This issue features "Letter to the Person Who, During the Q&A Session after the Reading, Asked for Career Advice" by Matthew Olzmann.

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