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Epistles from Postscript

Once upon a time, I blogged on multiple platforms. I had a personal blog, mostly with the predictable photos of my house and dog. I had a creative blog, where I shared my bookbinding, calligraphy, and printing projects. For a stretch, I had a literary blog, where grad school friends and I reviewed books. And then Instagram came along and made blogging feel kind of irrelevant. Also, I had kids. And started a business. And without other serious writing projects happening in my life, my writing dwindled away until there was nearly nothing to speak of, or write home about, as it were. Which has left me feeling wayward, to be honest, because underneath the variety of things I do to keep this shop up and running, I am a writer at heart. That's what led me to calligraphy. That's why I love books so dearly. That's why I fell hard for printing. That's why I adore beautiful correspondence. They're all ways to honor words by giving them the most gorgeous vehicles they can have.

So! I am super happy to report that I'm bringing blogging back in my life. Expect to find an update here weekly on Thursdays, where I will share a variety of things. I'll talk about books. I'll talk about letters. I'll talk about the trappings of a writing desk that makes you want to sit down and pen delicious correspondence. I'm giddy just thinking about giving myself this space again.  


Coincidentally, today is the first day of Spring -- after the longest, hardest winter in my memory that just went and outdid itself  with a dramatic flood. The sky feels bluer. The air feels lighter. The morning is filled with birdsong. The promise of color and growth feels palpable and present. I'm feeling it all inside, too. That belief that after dormancy and difficulty, something new and beautiful can emerge that may just have been worth waiting for.