Where My Wellies Take Me


This book takes my breath away. Truly. It is a book lover's dream. And a poetry lover's. And a nature lover's. And an art lover's. It is beautiful to behold, meaningful to read, enchanting to handle. Books with interactive elements that push on the boundaries of what a "book" is are always my favorites, and indeed, when you open the cover of this substantial hardcover with a half-cloth binding, one of things you immediately behold is a map attached to the table of contents. As you unfold it and observe the walk Pippa is about to take you on, you are transported into nostalgia for a world of pastoral bliss. Meadows, country churches, bugs, flowers to press in your journal, cows and sheep and horses and poetry to mark all of these encounters. The book itself is full of gate folds, translucent sheets, things tucked and hidden throughout that evoke the feeling of discovery that one always gets from a good walk in the country. An innovative and stunning poetry anthology that is guaranteed to make you want to the roam the countryside in your wellies, too.

Height 8.90
Width 10.40
Depth 0.70
Sku 400000005959
Where My Wellies Take Me