The High Street


When I was walking several years back into adorable shops in San Francisco with an old friend, I stumbled upon this book. Its adorable cover prompted me to take a peek inside, and from that early encounter, this has remained one of my most beloved picture books and one that I give over and over again to parents welcoming new babies.  What do I love about it? So many things! Little Sally has a list of ten things she needs to get from different shops along the high street. Her list creates a satisfying rhyme. As she approaches each shop, you get to pore over all the small, sweet details on display in each window, and then -- to my absolute delight! -- the page bearing the storefront illustration opens with a gate fold to reveal the interior of the very same shop. This play of exteriors and interiors makes you feel just like you're entering and exiting each lovely boutique and market alongside Sally, crossing the items off your list one by one. But at her last stop, alas!  Sally runs into a snag and is not able to find the last thing on her list. The ending provides a beautiful surprise that doubles as a lovely lesson in appreciation that does not always have to come with ownership.  

Alice Melvin is a genius in my eyes, and I can't recommend this book highly enough.

Height 10.80
Width 7.60
Depth 0.60
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The High Street