The Evening Post

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Thursday, July 18th
6:00-8:00 p.m.


In an era where communication can be immediate and immaterial, why would anyone take the time to write letters the old-fashioned way? Postscript proprietor Laura Capp invites you to an evening reveling in the beauty of physical post and in the creation of one very special letter. Laura will walk you through her philosophy about letter-writing and provide you with all the tools she uses to create meaningful mail. From an overview of different writing utensils (pointed pen and broad-edged nibs, brush markers, and fountain pens, just to name a few) to a wax seal demonstration, a primer on vintage stamps, and asides about poetry and typewriters, she will offer her tools and expertise as well as a space where you can experiment and play. The best part will happen after the class, though, when you drop a letter you begin in class into a collection box and carry a delicious secret around inside of you while your missive makes its way to your chosen recipient.

Students will take home a bundle of stationery, wax seals, and stamps after the class. Chocolate and sparkling beverages, two arguably essential ingredients, will also be provided.