The Color Box, No. 01
The Color Box, No. 01
The Color Box, No. 01
The Color Box, No. 01


The Color Box, No. 01


We are big believers in the power of color to transform our moods. To open up a package that is saturated and dripping with color is not only to receive objects but to receive an experience. In this edition of the color box, we include the following:

  • an olive Rollbahn spiral A5 notebook
  • a 4 oz. lemoncello Wax Buffalo soy candle in a gold tin
  • a glass vial with rainbow matches
  • a rainbow pencil
  • a green metal clip
  • a set of green miniature cards and envelopes
  • a roll of green patterned washi tape
  • a box of rainbow push pins

It's a rich green landscape punctuated by rainbows, the perfect accompaniment to March and the most delightful thing to find waiting on your doorstep. 

Packaged adorably with a beautiful postcard with your note, handwritten by us. Shipping (for free!) immediately! Very limited quantities. 

Height 7.00
Width 10.00
Depth 3.00
Sku 400000102566