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Poetry by Post
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Poetry by Post

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Announcing a limited edition series of four poems by Ted Kooser, to be mailed quarterly over the course of 2018. The first selection, “Moon Shadows,” will arrive by Valentine’s Day; the second, “Handwriting,” will be mailed in May; the third installment, “Richard,” will arrive in August, and the poem, “A Letter from Never Before,” will conclude the series in November. As a long-beloved Nebraska poet and former Poet Laureate of the United States, Ted Kooser is dear to our nation’s heart, very much including this printer’s. This project will celebrate his work as a poet as well as his habit of corresponding by mail with his friends and fans.

Each poem addresses and celebrates some aspect of written communication, from details of script and paper and stamps to meditations upon the disappearance of handwriting, and with it, the written letter. It is the printer’s hope that this series will alert recipients to the thud of their heart against their chest wall and create a swell of longing to participate in a mode of communication, in our opinion, very much worth keeping alive. To that end, the final mailing will include an envelope addressed to Ted Kooser and stamped in the hopes that each recipient will send him a letter or poem upon completion.

Each poem will be letterpress printed on a flat or folded sheet, tucked into a calligraphed envelope, and posted with vintage stamps. Papers will vary. Poems will be digitally set or calligraphed by the printer and rendered into polymer plates. As the printer believes very fervently in the beauty of mail and the varied journeys that each individual envelope undergoes in arriving to every doorstep, the envelopes are intended to go through the post and to receive the bruises and marks they incur along the way. Poems will be protected by backing board. E-mail notifications will go out to subscribers upon each mailing.

You may subscribe here or by phone at 402.944.2625. Edition size will match the number of subscribers, not to exceed 75 copies. Subscription price is $175 for the year. Printed by Laura Capp of Pentameter Press Studio as the second project in the Poetry by Post series.