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Grandma's House
Alice Melvin

Grandma's House

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Alice Melvin is one of the finest picture book authors and artists working today, and Grandma's House is yet another example of why.  Inspired by her own memories of her grandmother's home, Melvin's illustrations and narrative perfectly capture the ways in which particular objects, for whatever mysterious reasons, come to lodge themselves in our childhood memories.  As the little girl searches through the house, looking for grandma, the quiet environments full of strange yet familiar objects feel almost holy. And in keeping with Melvin's continuous play with the format of the book itself, the reader gets to peek through cutouts in doors ajar, open windows, and various thresholds on every spread to get a glimpse of the other rooms that lie just beyond.  Happily, the little girl's search (and ours!) is rewarded at the end with her grandmother's loving embrace.  A book as comforting as a homemade bowl of grandma's chicken soup.

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