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Cyanotype! The Original Sun-Printing Process
Julie Sopscak

Cyanotype! The Original Sun-Printing Process

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with Julie Sopscak

Saturday, Aug 18th

Discovered in the mid 1800’s, cyanotype is one of the earliest photographic techniques developed. It's an antique process (which we love, right?) which uses sunlight -- instead of a camera -- to make the image or photogram. The prints are a rich, Prussian blue when fully developed. We will be making prints on pre-sensitized papers and cotton fabric sheets.

Any object that casts a shadow or blocks the light will create an image. A variety of objects (such as botanicals, feathers, lace, string and small toys) will be provided, but you can (and are encouraged to!) bring your own. It would be a perfect excuse to take some time for yourself -- go for a walk, explore your your garden (or your neighbor's) and find some treasures to make sun-prints with.

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