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Kelly DiPucchio and Christian Robinson


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If judging a book by its cover is wrong, I don't want to be right.

I mean, seriously.  How can you not love this book on the promise of its cover alone?

Lucky for all of us, the inside lives up to the cover in a big way.  Gaston, a little French bulldog, is very different from his family -- a family that looks very unlike him.  A lot like poodles, in fact.  And when they run into a family of French bulldogs, with a little poodle in tow, they realize a very big mistake has been made.  But how will they handle this little puppy mix-up?  

What I can say is that this story is a beautiful reflection on adoption and what makes a family a family. And their solution is so beautifully heart-warming, your will just fall head over heels for these little doggie families, fictional though they may be.

Kelly DiPucchio's words and Christian Robinson's pictures are a match made in heaven.  Get ready for this book to be well-read and well-loved.  

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