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Mailings Stamps

IMG_8609 I have been on the hunt for face value vintage stamps for a while now.  Initially, I poked around online only to find options that had been marked up.  Then, I thought I might have better luck with local dealers, so I started from scratch in the phone book, and ended up speaking to a crabby man who demanded to know how much I intended to spend before he would set up an appointment with me.  "My most recent customer spent $2,000!" he barked.  I thanked him very sweetly for his time and hung up. A friend of mine suggested that I stay on the lookout for stamp shows, and so months ago, I scoured the area schedules and found one happening near my house last weekend.  Luckily, I told my hubby about it who put it in his calendar; otherwise, I never would have remembered.  We went, found a few sheets of stamps, and learned of another show happening this weekend.  I almost didn't go to it; our whole household spent the past week sick and battling all kinds of minor obstacles, and I found so little the weekend prior that I wasn't sure it would be worth my time.  But oh, was I wrong.  I came home with all of the beauties you see here, as well as a boatload of others, and all for 90% of their face value.  Score. IMG_8615 I'm collecting all these stamps for my MFA thesis project, which is in the planning stages.  I'll be getting it underway this summer and hopefully wrapping everything up by December, so time is of the essence!  This was a much-needed victory, and I am so in love with these old stamps and the interesting histories they mark that I am very eager to keep squirreling old stamps away for all sorts of future uses.  I have never been that interested in collecting stamps because it doesn't appeal to me to stick them in books and tuck them away.  But to have a stash ready and waiting to be used on envelopes for correspondence?  Yes, pretty please. IMG_8619

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  • Laura on

    Yes! That’s a stamp commemorating Kansas’s adoption as a state. And I love all the very Americana stamps, too! The colors are so perfect. I’ll have to take some close-ups so they are clearer.

  • Paula on

    I love these stamps! Great find! Is that brown/yellow/red one a sunflower? And the red, white & blue stamps are so classic American looking.

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