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The Little Things

Letterpress Thesis

perfThese days it feels as though the wind has caught hold of my time.  I try to catch it, but it swirls and sweeps, drops and scatters alongside the leaves outside my window.  I run around trying to pick up the hours, even the minutes (I'll take as many as I can carry!), but suddenly they are off again, gone, whisked briskly to another place.  I watch them disappear into the distance, stern and heavy-hearted. Oh, does October ever do a number on me.  I don't know whether to be happy or terrified that it's almost over.  Luckily, I have two little sweeties on my hands who are giddy beyond belief about trick-or-treating.  One will be an astronaut and the other a ghost (she insisted on making her costume her-SELF). I am also continuing to enjoy small things at the press and at my drafting table. "Printing" the perforation pictured above made me downright gleeful.  I have never had occasion to perforate anything before, and it is insanely satisfying.  And it works!  You just start to tear, and voila!  A thing of beauty that I will be using as frequently as possible. The next few days involve lettering and stamping envelopes in preparation for my first thesis project mailing.  I'm so looking forward to seeing those out the door -- and in the meantime watching, minute by minute, things come together. If I can stop lamenting lost time, I just might have plenty left over yet.

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  • Karyl Smith on

    I am waiting very anxiously for that envelope to appear in my mailbox!!! Thank you, Laura!!! Wish you could find a way to illustrate that first paragraph you wrote!

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