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The Happy Mailbox: Rifle Paper Co.

Business Stationery

bonvoyagehellocards ponyexpressbaby Every time I go to a stationery and paper goods store, you can bet I come away with a disproportionate number of cards created by the flawless Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co.  Her work is spirited, clever, and always artistically spot-on.  If I had to choose just one designer to supply all of my paper goods for the rest of my life, I would choose her without a moment's hesitation.  And I recently learned that Rifle is branching out to produce iPhone cases!  I have been searching high and low for a case for my new phone to rival the previous case I had and adored, and nothing was calling to me (ha!) until I saw her new selection of cases.  Now to wait patiently (and not drop my phone) until I can get my hands on one of these beauties!  I choose hello! hello! or one of the two florals.  I'm not (too) picky. iphonecases Stories like Rifle Paper Co.'s are heartening and inspirational.  Rifle was launched in 2009, and during the early years that would typically be vulnerable for a small business, the company has found wild success (this great interview discusses the business's origins and development).  No doubt Anna's style and talent are central to their prosperity, but I am also so appreciative of and amazed by what the Internet has done for small business owner hopefuls.  Case in point:  one of the rather amazing things about Rifle is that they have never had a marketing plan in place to move their goods.  Press has simply come from blogs and social media, Anthropologie came knocking early on, and their participation in the National Stationery Show has helped connect them with smaller retailers all over the country. Add to all this that they are located in Winter Park, Florida, and--well--I may have to go to the trouble someday of buying their goods in person. Images from Rifle Paper Co.'s website and Anna Bond's Webstagram feed

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  • Doug Smith on

    Their “business model” is obviously one you can learn from – and I know you’re thinking that way. But I wonder if she/they would be open to a personal visit by you, with a day or two of shadowing . . . .

  • Karyl Smith on

    Well, you know I am a fan as well – thanks to you! I love what you are doing here – you are off to a great start!

  • Laura on

    Hooray! Are you a fan, too? (How could anyone not be?!)

  • Jessie on

    Love the post!

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