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The Happy Mailbox: Quill and Fox

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makeawishAfter spending the week poring over Instagrams of the National Stationery Show and obsessively checking paper-focused blogs for photos, I have decided that I must attend next year.  I must!  I told this to Josh the other night, adding, "And you can't stop me!"  He looked confused and then recommended I leave my credit cards and checkbook behind.  I feigned indignation, but the man knows me well. Anyway, in honor of this big week in stationery, I want to highlight a new-to-me line of paper goods that I have immediately fallen in love with.  To celebrate a good friend's birthday, I recently found myself in Des Moines, where I had to stop (of course!) at the adorable paper goods shop, Ephemera, run by the two nicest, most generous entrepreneurs you'll ever meet.  Their taste is flawless, so the whole shop is a dream to peruse, but I picked up three cards in quick succession that I was drawn to, all with a similar style.  The brand?  Quill & Fox.  Featuring the artwork of Yas Imamura and run by she and her husband, this company has generated an impressive line of cards, posters, and notepads despite being only two years old.  They also do custom design for wedding invitations and other events. mom I'm into embroidery, so you know I brought this card home with me.  Mom, it's got your name on it -- literally! egg I wish Easter egg dyeing had been this picturesque at our house. invitationsuite And this invitation is such a fresh and crisp take on old-fashioned romance, don't you think?  (P.S.  I spy some of the vintage stamps I recently acquired at the stamp show.  I am giddy about using them.) Such beautiful stuff!  I am eager to watch how their line develops.  Perhaps I'll even see them at NSS in NYC, 2014!   Look for me -- I'll be the one armed with a modest sum in traveler's checks!

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  • Paula on

    What fabulous stationery and invitations! I was not familiar with Quill & Fox—I will keep a look out for this line in my city. It is always fun to find a product line you just love! I miss my favorite stationery store, which closed some years ago.

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