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Sunday Stitchery


IMG_0209 (1)This little book took shape this morning from various things sitting around the studio.  I tend to have piles of cast-off strips of paper from previous letterpress printing projects hanging out collecting dust, so I was very glad to give some of it a new home.  I did a variation on the Tacketed Book from Stacie Dolin and Amy Lapidow's recently released Book Art Studio Handbook.  You tie off the thread inside the sections for each pair of sewing stations so that the thread acts as staples, or tackets.  I personally prefer long-stitch methods -- it's slower to stop and tie off at each pair of stations, and you end up wasting thread in the process -- but this is a really handy structure especially for little binders who might have trouble wielding a needle in and out of so many holes.  I'm going to keep this in mind when my munchkins are ready to start making their own books. IMG_0170IMG_0215 IMG_0217 IMG_0220Man, bookbinding makes me happy.  Unfortunately, I never feel equal to writing in a handmade blank book, so mostly they just remain blank.  What would you (or do you) use handmade books for?

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  • Laura on

    Hi, Margaret! I used Stacie Dolin and Amy Lapidow’s Book Arts Studio Handbook, and the instructions are for the Tacketed Book. The cover paper is from Cave Paper and is the flax paper in walnut / dark brown. Pricey but so satisfying to work with!

  • Margaret on

    Love your book. Wondering what the name of the book is that your found the instructions for this book. My friend and I want to try to make one just like yours.
    I do not recognize the paper you’ve used on the cover.

  • Laura on

    Well, there are tutorials in this same book for albums… sounds like I’ll need to try another one!

  • Karyl Smith on

    Very beautiful, Laura! I would reserve it for something very special – like pictures of my favorite quilts!

  • Laura on

    No problem! I used some off cuts of Hahnemühle Biblio I had from an earlier project. That’s what determined the size, which is about 4 × 3″. You’ll have to let me know when you and your friend have made them. Have fun!

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