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Lately, I've been... italic... writing out some e.e. cummings in Italic carryheart... and in foundational.teaching... doing a little teaching. businesscards... mocking-up business cards. stamps... gazing at vintage stamps.prospectus... printing a prospectus for my hand-printed book. What's happening lately where you are?

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  • Paula on

    Laura, I am pleased to report that, as of this Spring, I have new ‘house stationery!’ I can’t say I did it myself, however—I ordered a lovely weight of blue cards and sheets, and had them engraved with our two-line home address in a classic London script, in ink blue. The envelopes are lined in ink blue tissue. It has been a pleasure to write notes and letters from ‘847!’ I will send you a photo—better yet, a letter! House stationery has an Old World spirit to it and reminds me of childhood, when I went to visit grandparents in Pennsylvania via train and stayed for weeks at a time. We would write letters to our friends back in Lincoln, or our father on those occasions when he did not accompany us. Every beloved home should have its own house stationery. When the day comes that we would move, I will leave the house stationery with the house as a welcome gift to the new proud homeowners. All the best! ps

  • simonhlilly on

    Your cursive salivates me…..

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