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Scenes from the Studio

Calligraphy Digital Work Letterpress Polymer Plates

slow As Liz Lemon once said, crazed, to Jack Donaghy over a voicemail, "Things are happening!"  The things happening here of late:  I finished all of my text runs for my book project.  My book has four folios with text on either side, which means that I originally planned for eight text runs.  However, because I was using a typeface that we don't have at the Center in ample supply (Baskerville), I ran out of lowercase 't's on two of my spreads, which meant that I had to do two press runs for each of those.  And then there was the typo.  So I have quite a bit more time invested than I had anticipated, which means that I am a little behind where I had hoped to be on the calligraphic portions of the book.  I was finally able to sit down for a bit this week, though, and work on some of the lettering that will be transferred to film negatives and then made into polymer plates.  I am having second thoughts about my plan here because I scanned fifteen practice sheets covered in writing and now need to sift through it all, drag it into Illustrator, and figure out how to compose these spreads.  Some of the lettering will remain legible; some, I think, will be blown up until it becomes more abstracted.  I have quite a lot to figure out.  However:  the text runs are done!  So I'll just let myself be happy about that for now. listen silvery

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