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Letterpress Thesis

cleanupI've begun!  Printing, that is.  There are eight pieces in total to print, and I've got one down.  But it feels great to be in motion. lock upHere's my first poem locked up.  I had to fuss with this a little bit from when the photo was taken in order to ensure that the furniture was pressing solely on the type (you can see wood pressing on wood in the bottom right area).  But it's always so satisfying to get your type set up on the press bed and tightened into place. sortsAnd these are the sorts I switched out while printing.  Often pieces of type will be worn down or slightly damaged and need to be replaced with others.  This is one part of the process that requires heroic patience on my part. It is both scarier and more fun to be printing with the knowledge that these pieces will be sent out immediately.  Thank you so much to all those participating as well as all those cheering me on.  Only 7/8ths of the way to go!

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  • Jessie on

    Love, love, love the top photo!

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