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Hello!  And welcome!  These seem like rather silly things to say when I am, in starting a shiny, brand new blog, speaking decidedly to myself, but I hope that if you are a kindred spirit, you will eventually find this greeting and know that I always intended to be talking directly to you. I have been wanting for some time to start a blog where I could chronicle my discovery and growing love of book arts alongside my abiding interest in poetry and literature more broadly.  You can read more about my background here, but the short story is that while working on a Ph.D. in English Literature, I stumbled upon a mecca called the Center for the Book, which offers instruction in letterpress printing, bookbinding, papermaking, calligraphy, and the history of the book.  My life has since been a fusion of these worlds, as I attempt to create a meaningful career for myself that is one-part English professor and one-part book artist, with several-parts mom thrown into the mix. If you are here and reading this, I'm so glad to have you!  If I could, I would offer you tea and cake in a heartbeat.  But in the absence of that, do please say hello if you are so inclined; I would love to know more about you and why and how you ended up reading these very words. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by. I hope to be seeing you again soon! Very truly yours, Laura

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