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planneraI haven't gone without a planner since high school.  Back then they were called "assignment books," blue and spiral bound and free for the taking.  They were not the prettiest of planners, but they did the job, and I loved them.  But in one of the many ways real life slaps you in the face upon graduating from adolescence, one day, these little books stopped appearing out of the ether.  What do you mean, Universe?, I cried.  I have to BUY a planner?  The indignation lasted only until I beheld how many far prettier choices were out in the world. I have tried many systems over the years.  I dragged my mom to the Franklin Covey store at our mall and scored a brown pleather case with seemingly endless pages inside, which initially made me feel ultra important but ultimately highly ineffective.  There were so many pages and refills, too, that ended up wasting away.  I didn't like how small the pages were, and the whole system was overkill for my modest ambitions.  Who was I kidding?  I wasn't out to master the seven habits and conquer the world.  I just wanted a pretty planner that could keep me from spacing study dates and deadlines.  I have tried the procrastinator's planner.  I have tried a system of interlocking calendars and notebooks, the name of which completely escapes me.  I have tried the highly touted Laurel Denise planner, which lets you see the entire month and the current week simultaneously.  I have tried planners I found on Etsy.  I have tried making my own.  Last year, I used this pocket planner designed by Jessica Hische.  I play the field, I suppose, to make sure I'm not missing out an anything with dish-washing and house-cleaning capabilities, but the planner I return to time and again is this simple, streamlined little beauty from Paper Source. plannerbI could say that it is perfectly portable while also not being too small.  I could say that it is not overdesigned -- it doesn't come with a major address book and various pages to fill out on life-long goals and schemes.  It offers full-month pages followed by week-by-week spreads for fourteen months (November to December) with just a handful of extra pages at the end for brief tidbits you might need to jot down on websites to visit, restaurants to try, books, contact info, and so forth.  I could say that it has a happy color palette and gives me an ample amount of what I appreciate most:  space to write my day-to-day doings.  I could say all of these things indeed because they are true, but the real reason I keep returning to this planner? stickersStickers.  Such adorable stickers!  That I can put everywhere! Turns out I have rather a lot in common with my four-year-old daughters.  All I really need in life to make me happy is a sheet of stickers and somewhere to put 'em.

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  • Penny on

    so impressive that you have been doing this all these years ! this is a great “diary” of your life; hope you have kept them ! I like that besides writing down tasks & appointments, you get to cross off things when done. that always feels so productive :)

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