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IMG_0472This weekend, I made a special trip to Omaha to go to their annual fall stamp show.  I would say that this is becoming a problem, but behold!  These stamps are so flippin' beautiful, it just makes good sense to be bringing them home, no? IMG_0465And some of them are just downright funny, like the one below promoting Dental Health.  Quite important, of course, but necessary to promote via the mail system?  Makes me giggle. IMG_0464 I've gotten a couple different versions of these "Rural America" stamps, both of which I love.  I need to find out more about this series. IMG_0469 I'm pretty darn pleased with my haul for the weekend, and it's actually quite fun to go to these shows because folks are genuinely happy to see "young people" around.  I heard more than one conversation about how the value of collectibles has plummeted because younger generations just aren't collecting anymore.  It's a shame, really.  But I also have optimism that the DIY- and handmade-movements are generating a newfound appreciation for the material world in the best sense.

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