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hushOne of my goals for the book I'm currently printing was to give myself space and time to further experiment with printing calligraphy.  I knew at the outset that meant that I wouldn't be able to precisely envision the final product, but because I have a lot to learn, that was my aim, pure and simple.  It seemed like a wise and liberating approach:  don't worry too much about the end result!  Just try new things and learn! Well, it turns out that if you begin by setting and printing a 180 line poem plus a brief afterword and colophon -- all of which you're happy with -- and leave the experimenting for last, you have backed yourself into a tight little corner.  I neglected in setting my goal for this project to remember how attached I become to something over time, how invested.  Well-intentioned as I may have been, I admit now that enlightenment doesn't feel satisfying enough.  I want to love the final product, too. Unfortunately, I am woefully behind schedule.  Just today, I sent away for film negatives for my digital files, and we have three teensy weeks left in the semester.  Three!  I may not make it, I'm sad to say.  Taking an Incomplete won't be the end of the world; I should be able to finish up in the weeks following the semester.  But I have an unbound chapbook from last year that is still waiting for a binding and plenty of other projects lined up to boot, so I am hesitant to let this spill out into time I had reserved for other things. The bright side?  I am learning.  I am by no means quick about any of this, but I use Photoshop and Illustrator now with far more speed and understanding.  I  also feel much more confident about the actual printing process than I did last year at this time, especially with book projects that require consistent inking.  I made some crazy decisions with my first book that I am so glad I did not repeat this time around.  Growing pains, you know?  But also enlightenment. So at least I can cross that off my list for the moment.

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  • simonhlilly on

    Good luck. I’m sure it will be worth it. The bookness of books is so real!

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  • Laura on

    Thank you, Simon! I hope so… there’s always a dark passage involved in these processes. But yes: having a bound, handprinted book at the end of the road will feel really good, I imagine. I’ll let you know when I make it!

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