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outgoingmailThe sample envelope I made for the Poetry by Post launch was not just a dummy.  It is getting sent off today carrying some special gifts for a British baby-on-the-way. grandcentralDid you know that the USPS sells some seriously high-denomination stamps, including the one pictured above for a whopping $19.95?  Good for international postage, if you're looking for something a little more aesthetically pleasing than a gigantic bar code.  In other exciting stamp news, the USPS is re-issuing a 1918 stamp that came to be known as the "Inverted Jenny" after a printing error featured the biplane then used to deliver airmail upside-down.  The new stamps are being issued at a $2 denomination.  I had to pre-order a pile of them -- just doing my part to help keep the USPS alive!  I'm sure that that's it and not some wishful justification of this recent obsession... invertedjenny

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  • Jessica Smith on

    My that is gorgeous. I can see why you love stamps so much.

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