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One Down, Three to Go

Mailings Thesis

lizahelpWhen I was pitching this here thesis project to my committee and peers, I proposed to do six mailings that went out from September through February.  That seemed doable, if maybe a little ambitious.  I received some guidance that I should perhaps scale back and consider working ahead of schedule so that I maintained a nice buffer.  As much as I loved the idea of sustaining a subscription for half a year, in the end, the pragmatism of the concerns I was hearing won out.  Four it was. After having officially finished my first mailing for this project, I am amused by those initial plans.  A little ambitious?!  Try insanely so!  My eyes tend to be laughably bigger than my stomach when it comes to imagining how projects will play out.  I forget in the romance of the fantasy that most of my time is spoken for -- and happily so! -- as a mom who's home most of the week with my kiddos and as a grad student who's going to class and teaching most of the time I'm away from home.  It's the "Everything is possible!" line of thinking that leaves me at the end of every summer bewildered and wondering, "How is it mid-August?  There were so many things I was still planning to do!"  Suffice it to say that it was good advice. Even four will be a long ride full of plenty of bumps, flat tires, and wrong turns.  But it'll give me plenty of scenery, too.  Already has. There are so many things about this project I am learning from, observing, and processing, so many things I want to say more about here but just don't have the time to.  I'm trying to keep mental track.  I have a story about the post office.  Some embarrassments about thesis writing.  A few observations about the first batch making their way into the world.  Some reflections on the difference between my time as an English grad student and the projects I was doing (i.e. writing criticism) and the process of working on this.  It's a long list! In the meantime, I will keep popping in here to document the process as I can with moments like the one above:  Eliza, helping me to mail off a package at the post office.  Toddlers are so delighted to help!  I'll have them addressing envelopes in no time.

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  • Stacy E. on

    Eliza can address mine next time! :)

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