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On the Prowl for Postage


dickinsonThis morning, I went to yet another local stamp show and walked away with yet another haul.  It's so fun to be somewhat familiar with stamps that are out there and then to on occasion be surprised by a stamp that I've never seen before, like this entirely perfect one featuring Emily Dickinson.  The colors are exquisite, so soft and pretty.  I will be tucking these away for something special. hemisfairI also love to see how wildly stamp design changes over the decades.  From very complex and detailed one-color engravings to simpler silhouettes and bolder graphics, you can see this amazing microcosm of shifting sensibilities of American design as you sift through these endless stacks of sheets. horsesI so rarely find yellow stamps, so this was a nice surprise. stampcollectingIt's comforting to know there are enough obsessive collectors out there that I'm not the only person this stamp would appeal to.  In fact, while I was waiting for my stack to be tallied up today, a guy came up asking about a pair of Special Olympics stamps the dealer had under glass.  "There's an entire sheet of that one in the face value bin," I naively told the guy.  "Oh, I collect imperfs," he said, pointing to a missing perforation between the pair.  It's actually kind of a surprise to a lot of these dealers to hear that I use the stamps I buy.  Collectors don't usually do that and seem to view it as a bit sacrilegious.  Does that bother me?  Not even a little bit. And now I must go hug my stamp binder with glee.

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  • Paula on

    This looks like an exciting addition to your collection! My favorite is the Horse Racing stamp. I agree with you about using your vintage postage—collections are meant to be enjoyed and used for their intended purpose. Pretty china needs to be on the tabletop, vintage jewelry needs to be worn and enjoyed, a fabulous old handbag needs to be carried, and these handsome stamps need to adorn your mailings!

  • Laura on

    Hear, hear, Paula! What good do all those beautiful things do for anyone stashed away where no one can see or experience them?

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