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Odds & Ends: Ode to the Letter

Odds & Ends

Valentine's Day always makes me think about love letters and letters in general; in fact, I rewatched You've Got Mail while making a second felt Valentine, so letters are totally on the brain.  Here are some fantastic letter-related tidbits for you!
  • Happy to be reading Simon Garfield's To the Letter, gifted to me by my thoughtful hubby (in fact, I started this yesterday while taking a bath!  A bath!  I haven't taken a bath in ages -- I do shower, though, so fear not.  Anyway, the bath made me excessively happy.)
  • The Mighty Lalouche, a children's picture book about a mail carrier turned boxer, is my current most favorite thing to read to my little folk
  • Thinking of one of the most romantic letters in literature:  Captain Wentworth to Anne Elliot.  (You can click here to reread; scroll about halfway down the page to find the beginning: "I can listen no longer in silence.")
  • Sweetest ever Valentine postcard (from Rifle Paper Co., of course)
  • Such an adorable version of felt Valentines; I wish I had studied this before undertaking mine!
  • I mailed off a third installment of my thesis project; no link here, but I will be sharing photos soon.  They are totally romantically indulgent, and though it has taken me days to recover from the sprint to the finish line, I am happy with the outcome.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Valentines! xoxo, Laura

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