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IMG_8224I am beyond relieved to report that the notecards have been printed, trimmed, scored, folded, assembled into their sets, packed up, and delivered to their destination in Albuquerque.  At this time last week, I wasn't sure that any of that would be happening.  My printing adventure was a little like Goldilocks's visit to the bears' cottage:  the first printer I visited gave me proofs that were too crummy; the second printer, too expensive; and the third was just right.  That man was a saint to take me in since he normally prints much larger jobs -- and he even coached me through a few screen-to-page issues that cropped up. IMG_8219The cards came individually boxed up with the proofs taped on top.  They were scored, but he wasn't able to fold them on my timeline, so Josh and I hung out in bed on Friday night, folding piles of cards, first by hand and then with a bone folder.  This continued Saturday morning over coffee and Easter egg dyeing. IMG_8215IMG_8585 IMG_8593IMG_8590IMG_8595 IMG_8597 (1) IMG_8603The cards are 5.5 x 4.25", so to contain the sets, I purchased 5x7" plastic sleeves.  And then:  packaging!  I love this part of the process -- the production of gathering each piece into a tidy and pretty final product.  So satisfying. IMG_8292 IMG_8294In the end, I'm happy to have volunteered to do this and pleased with the results.  I can hardly believe that all of this happened in a week!

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  • dougsmith2013 on

    Incredible story and beautiful result! And no Easter egg dye on any of them!

  • Laura on

    Mom, I will set some aside for you and Dad, of course! And Paula, I had to use a pretty basic cardstock and envelope since these are for a fundraiser and will be sold for $10 a set, I think. So the paper could certainly be more sumptuous, but even so, I think the results are pretty strong — especially given where I began!

  • Karyl Smith on

    So, may I purchase a set???

  • Paula on

    Laura, what a wonderful result! The cards are beautiful—I am sure they feel wonderful in the hand and will be a pleasure to use!

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