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misadventuresWhile I wish I were sitting down for a long overdue date night with my neglected little blog, I am only here briefly, albeit for an exciting reason:  I was featured today in an interview at Misadventures Magazine.  Jane Smith, freelance writer and blogger (and, lucky for me, my cousin!), asked me a few questions about motherhood, why and how I've ended up on the unexpected path I've taken, and what I plan to do now that grad school is wrapping up for me.  You can find the interview here.  Jane was full of challenging and thought-provoking questions, and it was such a pleasure to talk with her.

Jane also recently started a beautiful blog called Wilderness & Gold, full of excellent writing, gorgeous images, and recipes I'm eager to try.  Much to read!  Which is wonderful, since that's all I've got for the moment.  I'm still wrapping up my final thesis mailing; with any luck, it's getting packaged up and mailed out first thing in the morning.  Just a little sleep, and on to the last and final push!  I can hardly imagine what I'll even do with myself once that's done!  Oh, right -- overdue phone calls, e-mails, thank you notes, projects... oh well.  Ordinary business kind of sounds extraordinarily fun right about now. I digress:  thanks again, Jane!  And thanks to Misadventures as well!

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  • Penny on

    very nice interview, Laura ! Your new vision sounds great & will certainly keep you busy (or busier) :)

    I also liked the bits of your cousin’s blog that I checked out. Will have to keep checking on that. nice concept

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