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Making Friends with Adobe CS

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austenforwebUsing Creative Suite is always a headache for me, but I suspect that the more I do it, the easier and more fun it will get.  So even though I grit my teeth while I'm offering, I try to volunteer for digital projects that can give me additional experience. This little project is a set of notecards for the British Women Writers Association, to be used as a fundraiser at their upcoming conference.  I used enlarged calligraphy in the backgrounds, gave the cards a springy but subdued palette, and used -- of course -- quotations from revered British women writers, about either correspondence or friendship. It was enough of an obstacle to get to this point that I'm a little anxious about the printing process, which I will embark upon tomorrow.  I'll report back on how it goes and might possibly perhaps hopefully have actual, physical notecards to show within the next few days.  Wish me luck! austen woolf2eliot wollstonecraft

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  • Jessie on

    These are so beautiful!

  • Laura on

    Thank you, Simon!

  • simonhlilly on

    Most elegant. Very restrained,18th century!

  • dougsmith2013 on

    Laura – Is there any way to enlarge the images? These are gorgeous. I want to buy lots!!!

  • Laura on

    Thank you, Tristan! I did clean up the images in Photoshop, though I believe I just heightened contrast (so that all the greys would blacken) rather than using levels. I’ll have to try that next time around; I am so Photoshop challenged!

    By the way, I tried a new nib for some of this lettering—the Brause 76. I love it!

    And no to the letterpressing — though I am learning other valuable things in the world of digital printing, so it’s enjoyable in a totally different kind of way.

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