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Just Like Heaven

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Being a mom of little people, I read a lot of picture books. And I often find them ever as applicable to adult experience as to anything kids go through.  For instance, in a picture book by Patrick McDonnell that I adore, Mooch the cat falls asleep under his favorite tree and wakes to a world so covered in thick fog, he assumes he is somewhere else entirely -- and decides that he's in heaven. Walking through this misty dreamland, he is enchanted and charmed by so many small delights... dew on his feet, sweet music in the trees, laughter from a playground, friendly neighbors.  He arrives back at his favorite tree, where he falls asleep again, and when he wakes for the second time, he beholds all the delightful things he encountered before, only this time in a world clear and bright.  What a great place, Mooch thinks.  Just like heaven. What I'm going through right now is tinged in the same way with a splendor almost surreal.  Life is ordinary, and yet it's not.  The world is recognizable, and yet it isn't.  I walk into the new building that is slowly transforming into a studio space and feel a wave of peace and happiness, the kind that tells you you're in just the right place.  The perfect place.  It does feel like heaven, truly.


I am unexpectedly teaching two classes this semester -- Hand-Produced Book and Intro to Bookbinding -- so my time at the building is fleeting.  But after laying new flooring in the back of the building, my husband and I were able to move the press to its permanent location.  Which meant that I could also do something I've been dying to do since I purchased this puppy last spring...


I printed at long last.  On my first press.  This made me happy beyond all reason.  (Those nifty little postcards that I printed are for the Letter Arts Alliance of Nebraska -- an exciting update for another post!  Logo design by my friend and lettering artist extraordinaire, Cheryl Dyer.) This thing that I've decided to take on -- entrepreneurship and commercial property ownership -- seems huge and scary in the abstract.  But here's something rather astonishing:  I don't feel scared.  Maybe about small things, here and there.  But in the big picture, nope.  What's there to be scared of, after all, in heaven? What I do feel?  Impatience.  Waiting is hellishly hard.


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  • Penny on

    Love the set-up so far with your work-space. How exciting to get to be printing !

  • Jessie on

    I’m so happy and excited for you!

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