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exhibitWell hello again!   It has been quite a stretch of silence over here, but a few big things have happened since I last wrote:
  • I graduated.
  • I had a thesis exhibit.
  • I sent out the December installment of Poetry by Post.
What felt monumental in the doing feels disappointingly short in the writing (though no doubt I have plenty of things to elaborate on).  Any and all of my available time, however, has been consumed by these three big goals to the point that I may as well have been living in a cave accessible only by boat.  Unfortunately the ordinary stressors of this time of year are not proving to be inversely proportional to the unique stress of this semester.  Christmas is quickly approaching, just as it always is at the end of the fall semester (and with even fewer days between than usual), which happens also to arrive on the heels of my girls' fourth birthday.  So quite a lot has to happen in the next five days, which I'm in some denial about.  Can five days contain buying a handful of presents, wrapping everything, baking cookies, grading projects and exams and submitting course grades, writing holiday cards, finishing a handmade project for the girls, planning a party, doing laundry and packing, and cleaning the house before we go?  Here's hoping. The timing of my project is somewhat unique in that it will continue into February even though I've officially graduated.  So I still have plenty of work waiting for me in 2014 -- all things that I'm excited to continue and return to, though.  And to do it without taking classes at the same time?  I hardly know how to imagine it!

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  • Penny on

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments this month !! You are totally amazing !

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