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How Will You Celebrate?

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handwritingI know it's mostly photos of calligraphy and metal type around here, but today is National Handwriting Day, so this is a little sample of my actual handwriting -- a little sloppy, a little indistinct.  Eons ago, my high school band teacher told me I should try to make my lowercase r's more legible, and from the looks of it, I don't think I ever quite succeeded in doing so. Hopefully the message comes across, more or less! If calligraphers are talking tools, you'll likely be hearing about nibs -- Brause or Mitchell?  Gillott or Hunt or Nikko? (a conversation you can bet I like to have) -- but equally important to me are the most basic, everyday tools like which pens I keep at my desk and carry around in my wallet.  The pen featured above is a Pilot Razor Point, which happens to be my go-to pen at the moment.  I used this pen for the first time just a few months ago, and it is dreamy.  I also adore the regular old Pilot Ball Point in black (the non-retractable kind, complete with pen cap that I'm always misplacing), both because it's a great tool and for the sentimental reason that it was the pen my grandma always used to do her crosswords.  The Stabilo Point 88 is yet another favorite -- and the fact that it comes in so many colors is just rainbow sprinkles on an already-perfectly-iced cake. Are you particular about your pens?  If so, what are your favorites?  I'd love to know!

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  • Karyl Smith on

    Your handwriting is exquisite and unique – Grandpa Leo would be so proud – and you should never have been lectured about your r’s!!! I do not have a favorite pen, but I do like clean lines that don’t leave any smears – I will have to look for Pilot Razor Point Pens! I do think that if I concentrated enough, I could do some pretty special lettering – it is in by blood!

  • Laura on

    Penny, I love that you love the Pilot Ball Points! I remember that you have those everywhere; in fact, you’ve donated a few to me in the past!

    And Mom, I think meatloaf and salad is the perfect celebration : )

  • Penny on

    It’s just impressive that you write all the time. My co-workers were discussing the other day that their school-age children & classmates can’t read or write in cursive. That is quite unbelievable ! I also love the Pilot Ball Point in Black !! I buy boxes of them for myself from my boss when ordering for the office. I have them everywhere in my house & office & a couple in my purse. Josh’s Aunt Dorothy loves them too—evidently they are great for doing tax worksheets !

  • Karyl Smith on

    BTW – We will celebrate tonight by having meatloaf and salad – is that special enough?

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