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I knew it had been a while since I posted an update over here, but it was a shock to my system to see that my last post was on May 31st.  How can three weeks possibly have gone by?  Where has June fled?!  And why is it in such a hurry?  I demand ANSWERS, June!  I relish summer days so much and am a little bit heartbroken that we are already here at the . . . first day of summer.  Pesky technicality!  Okay, perhaps I can declare today the beginning of a second summer.  That is a much lovelier way to look at it, don't you think? Well, I do have something exciting to show for my first summer -- two things, in fact.  First, I finally finished my edition of "A Dilettante"!  The actual moment of finishing was anticlimactic, so I have yet to take pictures of the complete book, but I did snap some other photos along the way.  I can tell you this:  it feels damn good to be done. color lastpressrun yaytrimmed bits sewn And second, while I have decidedly not been blogging here, that does not mean I have not been blogging.  I am giddy to report that some of my graduate school friends and I are starting a literary blog that will be launching this summer.  I'll keep you posted when that happens since I'm over the moon thrilled about it.  A place to talk about books with other folks who love talking about books?  Yes, please!  And it has me writing again about my reading, which I haven't been doing much of since finishing the English grad program.  Something about that just puts the wind in my sails, you know?  I thought you might. Happy second summer to all of you!  I hope time will take this opportunity to positively stand still for a while.

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    Well done, anyway! It looks creamy, papery loveliness….

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