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Heartfelt Love


IMG_1312 (1)For Valentine's Day this year, I had intended to make my daughters each a little felt Valentine.  They received a play mailbox for Christmas, so I decided I would deposit their Valentines into the mailbox and make it our centerpiece for a breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes with bacon and clementines.  I went into making this guy without any kind of plan -- no envelope template, for instance, or design ideas.  I had planned just to draw out my message with a fabric marker, but that had entirely dried up since its last use.  So I ultimately ended up free-handing the whole thing, which makes it particularly... homespun.  But it was a super satisfying little project, and I can't wait to do another -- which is a good thing since I unfortunately was only able to do one before this morning.  Luckily, the girls have been good sharers today, and we just keep passing it amongst ourselves with a big hug to go with it.  Once I have two Valentines, I plan to add each girl's name to the front of the envelope as well as a button closure to the back. IMG_1313 (1)Happy Valentine's Day! IMG_1319 (1)

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  • Jo on

    Well, that is a perfect little Valentine and the fact that they share it just adds to its charm. I have a thing for ornaments and decorations made out of felt so I can’t imagine anything sweeter, Laura. And I love that you freehanded it!! So simple and pretty!

  • Laura on

    Paula, it’s so fun to imagine your household when you were a little girl. I wish I could have seen those tables! What a beautiful tradition that your mom had those cookies waiting for you every year. They sound perfect!

  • Laura on

    Thank you, Jo! I did make a second, so they no longer have to share (though they can use plenty of practice with this). I just took a felt ornament workshop before Christmas, and it was such a fun thing to do, I now am wanting to make everything out of felt! I agree — felt ornaments and decorations are so sweet.

  • Penny on

    This is adorable, especially the heart stamp. :) What a sweet keepsake for the girls to have.

  • Paula on

    This takes me back to my own childhood, Laura. My mother set a Valentine’s Day table for breakfast and dinner as well, and felt was always involved. Heart shape Spritz cooked, frosted in white, pink, and red were always waiting after school. You are such a clever and loving mother.

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