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February News

Good morning to each and every one of you loves!

I have heard people lament that Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday. Shouldn't we be expressing love every day of the year? And anyway, it was invented by Hallmark. Cue the usual eye roll or smirk.

Well. I give major kudos to Hallmark for their role in Valentine's Day. I mean, they certainly didn't invent a holiday out of thin air, but they took an obscure tradition and made the practice of giving valentines mainstream in America. And yeah, they were in the business of selling cards, so their motives were part financial and part creative and not just a charitable desire to celebrate love. Be that as it may, I am grateful to them because love totally deserves to be celebrated.  I mean, it really does.  It is the most joyful and sublime feeling we have in our lives.  It is the purest, most natural high.  We live in a world full of things to fall in love with, big and small, and yes, we have every day of our lives to express that love, but how often do we actually articulate to those around us what (specifically) we love about them?  And articulate it tangibly, with something physical and lasting?  Valentine's Day is our golden opportunity.  

If you would like my unsolicited advice:  don't just buy a card and sign your name.  No.  Write a love note.  Better yet, write a love letter.  Best of all, write a love letter AND make something with your own imperfect hands and offer it to a person you love.  Try to keep those hands from trembling.  

If you need a little inspiration, come visit us!  We've got so many fabulous goodies in stock perfect for this month:  adorable classroom valentines, cards, books, tea, and chocolate to boot.  And we've got so much good stuff on the calendar this month.  EEEEE!  I'm so excited about it all.  Read all about it here!


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