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Fan Flippin' Astic


typoWhat you are seeing here is a detail from the book that I'm currently printing.  Notice anything amiss? Yep.  That right there is a rather inconvenient typo.  Makes the whole cursor thing seem like pure genius.  Usually, this wouldn't be quite so bad; you'd just have to alter the line, cut down extra paper, get your type back onto a press, and take a second pass at things.  Unfortunately, I am working with a case of Baskerville 10, of which there are limited sorts, so I am setting, printing, distributing, and setting again -- which means that I only discovered this typo because I was distributing this particular block of type.  I picked up the word "fantastic," dropping the letters into their compartments one by one, and when I got to where the first 't' should be, I froze.  Where in the H was the 't'?  I immediately pulled out my proofs, and there WAS the proof:  "fanastic."  Oh, the horror!  Oh, the disappointment!  It had been like that all along, and I missed it.  Fixing this mistake, then, meant not only reprinting but re-setting the entire page and the page printed on the flipside.  Just another ten hours or so, but who's counting? fantasticMuch better! I did consider leaving it, but I knew it was the kind of thing that would always rankle me.  Better to put in extra time now and feel satisfied with the outcome.  Assuming, of course, that I don't discover more of these as I go.  Here's hoping!

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  • Laura on

    Thank you, Paula! You’re absolutely right, and it makes me feel better to think about it as a family imperative. I didn’t—really—have any choice!

  • Paula on

    Even though there are books out there with typographical errors, I know you would never let this sit! This obsession with correct spelling and ‘getting it right’ in all things written is, unfortunately, in the family DNA. And I have it on both sides of my family as well—so D & J are cursed with the same spelling/grammar/punctuation obsession. It is unlikely to ever go away, either— Can’t wait to see your finished product, Laura! Love Baskerville!

  • dougsmith2013 on

    Sorry, Laura. I didn’t dream it would cost you 10 precious hours!

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