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IMG_4978Given that writing this and my other blogs is something I genuinely enjoy, it says a lot about my state of mind when I start to disappear from the Internet.  All semesters begin to get rocky a couple of weeks before midterms and just continue on that way until the bitter end, and although this has been my first semester not actually in school in the typical sense, it has somehow managed to be even more difficult than usual.  Finishing thesis work.  Making plans to move.  Stumbling upon a building.  Buying it and wading through all the inspections, negotiations, and incorporations.  Searching for a new preschool for my kids and for a new place to live.  Major life upheavals are always difficult, and this is my first time through such a process with little people in tow, all while also walking away from my paycheck.  It has been too much to take in at once, and in fact, the jumbled way in which I have just laid all of that out might give you some window into the scattered mess my brain is right now.  Anyway, I have missed being around here and sharing the small happenings from my days, and since my phone ran out of storage last week and forced me to transfer all of my photos to my computer, I'm taking this as an opportunity to share belatedly and in no particular order some of the stuff my days have been filled with over the last couple of months. IMG_4991 IMG_5005 IMG_5056IMG_5069 IMG_4727 IMG_5137IMG_5159 (1)I can't help but wonder what the photos from the months ahead will look like...

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  • Penny on

    “napped half the day” should be a card for every woman !

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