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Calligraphy Crush: Cheryl Jacobsen


rottenfruit This here little post is going to be a recurring feature.  I am, after all, a promiscuous lover of lettering.  But the series must begin where my love of calligraphy did:  with my longtime mentor, the staggeringly talented, far-too-humble, endlessly generous Cheryl Jacobsen. Cheryl teaches several classes at the University of Iowa (a rotation of Foundational Hands, History of Western Letterforms, Blackletter Hands, and Studies in Letter Arts) while she juggles a fast-paced and robust freelancing schedule while she also raises two daughters.  She is heroic.  And I can't believe how much I lucked out in life to stumble into her classroom many years ago. Cheryl has such an enviable set of talents:  her lettering is impeccable and exquisitely nuanced; her compositions are balanced while also full of energy and life; and on top of that, the woman can illustrate!   She is, quite simply, a marvel.  Every time I visit her, I stare in awe at the work in progress on her desk, the gorgeous lettering cavalierly piled on the floor, the signs everywhere of an artist constantly at work, solving problems and sending one beautiful piece after another out into the world. envelope copperplate Although it's been a few years since I've been a student in her classroom, an education from Cheryl never stops.  She willingly shares her time, her eye, her enthusiasm, and her vast and amazing library.  If I ever leave this town, not being within a ten minute's drive of Cheryl will definitely be one of the biggest hardships. illuminatedvoices labels quotation For more images and information about Cheryl, go visit her website, (from which all the images in this post were taken).  I guarantee you will come away as awestruck as I am.

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  • Doug Smith on

    This is such a rich, beautiful, endlessly impressive body of work. Thanks for your tribute to Cheryl, Laura.

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