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 Yeehaw!  New year, clean slate, blank page -- and high time to revive this neglected little blog o' mine.  I somewhat unintentionally stepped away for a while last year while I was getting my new business up and running, but that's finally in swing, and I can hopefully get back to writing here more regularly.  So hi!  Welcome back! It's been a wild year, I have to say.  It began with a stint teaching an Intro to Bookbinding and Intro to Letterpress Printing class at the University of Nebraska Omaha while the regular book arts professor, Bonnie O'Connell, took a leave of absence.  Shortly into that, my good friend Cheryl Dyer and I, along with a board of a few other members, launched a non-profit organization called the Letter Arts Alliance of Nebraska, the aim of which is to provide lectures, demos, and workshops focusing on all the letter arts from calligraphy to typography to handlettering and sign painting.  This deserves a whole post of its own!  After the semester wrapped up, my husband and I soaked up our time over the summer with our twin daughters since they officially started elementary school this Fall.  We took them to the beach for the first time, traveled to Colorado for a wedding and family reunion, and made lots of trips to the zoo, the children's museum, parks, and art fairs, all while coordinating masonry work and plumbing at the building.  Once school started up for the girls, it was a mad dash to get the building ready to go, and at the end of October, Postscript officially opened.  


I had a great opening with lots of friendly faces and support, and since then, I've just been learning the ropes of running my small business and have been slowly easing into projects as all the new rhythms grow more routine.  I've since gotten to work on some really fun commissions; I printed calling cards, made a couple of photo albums for a photographer, and have done some small calligraphy jobs as well. Christmas break offered a welcome respite to the chaos of the last few months, and I'm feeling rested and ready for 2016.  Here's to adventures big and small in the year ahead!

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  • Karyl Smith on

    I was so pleased to see your new posts! I am extremely proud of your hard work and determination to make this happen!

  • Springfield at Heart Comm. on

    Your store is beautiful and we look forward to working with you on many projects to come!

  • Paula on

    Congratulations on a truly grand opening! We loved the personal tour and appreciated the gift of time with the shopkeeper. Your work is so impressive! Thank you for hosting us! Sending our best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year, both professionally and on the home front. xo!

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