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A Little Love Poetry for You


To me, there is nothing better than an opportunity to celebrate love.  I adore all the trappings of Valentine's Day -- the many shades of red and pink, the heart shapes abounding, the chocolate, the roses.  The combination never fails to make me giddy.  But none of that stirs my heart more powerfully than love poetry.  While I was growing up, my family was lucky enough to be on the mailing list of poet Ted Kooser when he still sent out annual Valentine postcards, and I always anticipated them so impatiently. So today, I share one of my favorite love poems by e.e. cummings.  May your day be as beautifully poetic as this. e.e.cummings

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  • Laura on

    Paula, that sounds just lovely! I saw a little peek of what Jane was working on on Facebook — how lucky to be on the receiving end of that. And you know I love her choice of poem! That Valentines book is one of my most treasured. It makes me so happy to imagine people opening up their mailboxes to receive such sweet surprises!

  • Paula on

    Poetry is the perfect Valentine! I was the very lucky recipient of a hand-made, hand-stamped Valentine, tied with pretty red and white twine. It included a personal note of affection and gratitude and a handwritten poem—This Paper Boat, by Ted Kooser (Valentines). I will hold it close forever (thank you, Jane!). Thank you, Laura, for the charming poem you have shared here!

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